A downloadable TASM for Windows

This game was made as a birthday present to Starrlett, a friend of mine who's a Youtuber and Twitch streamer.

I tried to pack as many references and inside jokes as I could in a single game, which means that if you weren't a part of the community when this came out, everything's gonna fly over your head.

I am really proud of this game. It includes multiple types of gameplay, achievements, scores, weapons, upgrades and an amazing boss fight.

I am also really proud of this game because it was made with the help of Penenyme (graphics) and LitZippo (sfx), and it was awesome working with them!

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Published1 year ago

Install instructions

Download zip file.

Unzip file.

Open bin folder.

Double click game.exe


The Adventure of Starrlett the MothButtster.zip (130 MB)

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